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About Us

Spicing up the music industry

Musical Africans is a social enterprise focused on making an impact on the continent of Africa using music. Musical Africans is an online platform built to connect the music lover community of Africa together. We  make Africa greater together using our music.


Rise Together

Shine Together

Grow Together

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Our Story

Musical Africans all began with the struggle of a 13-year-old Nigerian girl, Obehi. Obehi has always had a music for passion, ever since she was just a little girl. She loves music and wants to become a musician, but also she wanted to continue her studies. After  long consideration and discussion with her parents she finally decided to get started with her music career. Due to the lack of resources Obehi had to produce her music by herself; lacking the skills to do so she began some researching online. She found some stuff on different platforms but they didn't have what she needed. It then occurred to her that what she was going through might be what millions of young Africans just like her might be experiencing.  And she decided to do something about it.  She went to her parents with her idea, and they gave her their full support. And so Obehi and her parents brain-stormed and they came up with an idea to create an online platform for young Africans with similar musical interests to come together, connect and interact with each other and gain the necessary knowledge  needed to pursue a career in music. The naming process was extremely hectic, there were so many options floating everywhere, but Obehi settled for Musical Africans because it precisely conveys the message of what the platform was created to do.

Our Values

Bring a Smile to a face

What we do must always make somebody's day and bring a smile to their face.

Empower Youths

Educating and empowering the youth popualtion.

Love Music.

Love for music must be exhibited in the quality of all our productions.

Unity is Key.

We must always be united and carry everyone along. 

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